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We’re a network of wellness retreats offering opportunities for rest, relaxation, self exploration and more

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Imagine an escape dedicated to energizing your physical body, reconnecting with nature, or calming your busy mind. We’re grateful to offer unforgettable retreats that provide novel experiences, take you out of your comfort zone, and serve your most authentic self.


Yoga refers to the unity of mind, body and spirit. A yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to advance your skills with focused, intensive practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.


Calm the mind to relieve stress, become more relaxed, and increase mindfulness in daily life. Meditation retreats are an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle, gain insight into the mind, and deepen your practice.

WEllness & MORE

Explore spirituality, personal development, artistic creativity and more with profound, transformative group experiences. A sunny beach or beautiful mountain range could be your next getaway.

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Explore yoga, meditation, wellness, spirituality and more with wide-ranging retreat options.


We are a small team of enthusiasts dedicated to providing access to high quality retreats.

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